Kim Kardashian is not happy After Kanye West’s Rally

Kim Kardashian is not happy After Kanye West’s Rally

Well it looks like kanye west still has his eyes set on the white house on Sunday the rapper held his first political rally where he got emotional talking about his platform and his stance against abortion and now a source tells us his wife kim kardashian is not happy about it heres what you need to know kanye spoke to a crowd in south carolina and said if he were elected president he would fight to keep abortion legal but would strongly discourage it by offering people one million dollars for every child they have the opportunity to be given a million dollars just for being pregnant which you have considered and that everybody would start making children the greatest gift of life the fashion mogul teared up saying that his own dad wanted his mom to have an abortion when she was pregnant with him, my mom saved my life my dad wanted to avoid me my mom saved my life there would have been no kanye west because my dad was too busy then the 43 year old said he considered an abortion when kim was pregnant with their first child daughter north who is now seven of course the couple now has four children together i said we're gonna have this child i know people that are 50 years old that didn't have the children that didn't have that child that have never got to experience the look eat the level of joy that i experienced from having a child so even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech she brought north into the world even when i didn't want to she stood up and she protected that child e.t has reached out to Kanye's rep for comment but now a source tells us that Kanye's family and friends are worried about him adding that kim is upset over the rant especially his comments about their daughter she knows this is something north will see when she gets older and that's heartbreaking Kanye's bombshell confession comes after reports claim that the rapper is in the midst of a bipolar episode and our source says Kanye isn't in a good place and isn't listening to anyone trying to talk him into getting help as for that whole running for president thing the world would be a better place the source added that the people close to Kanye want him to end his presidential run now before he does more damage to himself his brand and the family I've seen him go through a lot and he's just the most genuine person and you know he might say things that might get misinterpreted and people don't see the context behind it but I always know his heart.
This biggest story that's sort of trending on twitter right now and just sort of in general is related to Kanye West and the rally speech that he did in north charleston now Kanye a couple days ago there had been some suggestions that he had dropped out of his bid to run for president however he was at the rally to obtain 10000 signatures to get on the ballot so at this rally, there was a lot of questionable things said by him and videos that were streamed by the sun online on youtube showed that Kanye was a little bit erratic he was being a little bit nonsensical and he was talking about things that just really were sort of beyond comprehension one of those was that he would fund an organization called the plan a and give a million dollars to every woman that considered having a child. He also discussed that when his wife Kim Kardashian was pregnant that he actually wanted her to birth and went on to a very teary tirade about that one of the more controversial statements that really upset people was related to Harriet Tubman where he actually said that she did not free anyone but rather she just sent them off to work for white people fact check of that statement would show it's completely inaccurate because in the 1800s in 1863 she along with a group helped to free over 700 slaves through an underground railroad at one point there was actually a bounty on her head for forty thousand dollars so his memory or recollection of harriet tubman had a lot of people upset obviously there's been some discussion about what is going on with him why is he running for president what is this rambling speech that we're seeing what is he what's going on with kanye it's very reminiscent reminiscent of what we saw a couple years ago when he was on stage and he abruptly stopped his tour after what happened on stage he also had an interview with tmz we all kind of know what happened with that he has also been wearing he was rocking the red hat he is running for president but says he's never voted there's just a lot of stuff going on here where the average person without any sort of any kind of medical expertise could say that what's going on is he is struggling so yesterday some of the most awful statements that he made are obviously concerning people including his wife kim Kardashian yesterday i did a video where i talked about how i couldn't understand under one what I couldn't understand why kim given the status of where he's at in his life would be okay with him going onto a campaign trail going to a rally given the status of what is going on with his health and he clearly seems rather ill at this point in time obviously it is far bigger than one person in a family being able to convince someone to do something clearly kanye has to be that person to decide that he wants to get help but in cases like this there's been a lot of questions on twitter about what family the role the family is playing in all of this what is their specific belief what are what are they feeling behind the scenes here is a couple quotes so according to entertainment tonight who actually spoke with a source or a family friend said that kim and the family are worried about kanye here's what the source told entertainment tonight Kanye isn't in a good place and he isn't listening to anyone trying to talk to him into getting help kim is upset with kanye for his rants yesterday especially talking about the possibility of having an abortion not giving birth to north she knows that this is something that north will see when she gets older and that's heartbreaking they also say that his close confidants and his team want him to end his presidential run before he does any more damage to himself and to this brand and to his family apparently they were all very excited when he made the decision because over the fourth of July you know he says that he's he goes on twitter and he says we now must realize the promise of america by trusting god unifies our vision and building our future he said i'm running for president of the united states so a lot of people were like why would kim actually support this and apparently she has been supportive of him running for president so this is what the source told e.t kanye's family will always support him in his endeavors but they will not also worry for him kanye has a tendency to overwork himself physically emotionally and mentally and not take the time to rest or reset the family is supportive of kanye's plan to run for president but they don't agree with his forbes interview and they also said that kim supports him in his endeavors to run for office but she would be relieved if he doesn't run because of the chaos of trying to pull this off kim is obviously concerned she wants him to get help but apparently it's not working and she is supportive but not supportive it's sort of an accused it's sort of a confusing statement to me that she is supportive of him making this decision but then also everyone around him is concerned that he needs to get help i would guess that people are trying to be supportive in his i don't, so kim is supportive of him but then also not supportive go figure okay and then obviously tmz who has a relationship with the family it was on tmz where kanye had one of his most infamous public meltdowns and they a source told them that Kanye is in desperate need of professional help in the middle of a serious bipolar episode but he's not listening to anyone so apparently he is going through something very serious right now all of his friends family want him to get help he will not listen to them they're also worried that kanye is going to ruin his brand but because of the comments that he made about harriet tubman they say that those kinds of comments will are the ones that could 100 percent trigger specific boycotts interestingly when the gaps when the market opened this morning cnn actually reported the gaps stock had plump had dropped six percent now when they announced that they were partnering with kanye in june their the gaps shares went up 19 following his statements yesterday that he might leave the gap unless they put him on the board shares fell six percent so his statements obviously do affect the companies that he has partnered with gaap has apparently also been struggling financially and this was sort of looked at as a way to sort of re-brand the organization and bring them back into making money anyways so the family's upset that he discussed the pregnancy as e.t said and they also say that there was this aspect of him blurting out that he he realized that kim might divorce him for saying what he did but he didn't really care and he'd even share like he'd thank her for having north not happy that he mentioned that he thought that kim might divorce him there had been some reports this past spring that they were spending time in different wings of their houses that they were struggling to spend as much time together given everything that's been happening with quarantine apparently kim is not used to having to be like at home all the time kanye's not able to pull his weight she was upset about that there was discussions about whether or not they were going to separate then there was other discussions saying no they're not going to separate kim sees this as a them as a power couple they are a family she doesn't want to have the public humiliation of getting another divorce especially after what happened with chris Humphries it's kind of a mess here and then you have people on twitter blaming kim his family her family and a lot of people around him and people saying like kanye where are the people in your life telling you not to do these kinds of things obviously kanye west uh will cannot be forced to get help unless he is a danger to himself and clearly the family knows that he needs to get help but somehow he's still being enabled by someone and i don't know who that is to do these rallies to take him these places to do what he's doing he's able to have security i guess the problem might be is that he has a lot of money he has a lot of people that he can put around him to say yes and not say no and obviously kanye is the kind of person that's going to do what he wants to do i don't know how you move forward in a situation like this i know a lot of the outlets are really focusing on the very outlandish things that he did and the way that he treated people which obviously is terrible some of the things that he said during that rally were incoherent at best and really harmful at worst 100 but how do you get to a place where you sort of separate yourself from what he's saying and realizing that he's ill some people on twitter were even saying like i don't care that he's sick illness doesn't make you say these kinds of hurtful things so you have people kind of all over the board at the end of the day i'm still confused at the statements by the family one they're concerned they want him to get help but he's refusing but then he's also they're supportive of him and his business ventures but then concerned that his brand is going to tank because of this and then they're not concerned about kim's brands because kim's brands are apparently completely separate from kanye's and they have their own specific like face and they're not worried if that kanye will negatively negatively affect kim now when you start talking about your family members in terms of business that can sort of muddy the waters here like you want to make sure that you're helping your family but then you also are thinking of them from a business perspective which is again the trouble with having family businesses i'm actually surprised given his very over-the-top behavior that there are brands that still even want to work with him if he were to say commit to getting help and doing the work he needs to do to get better i think more brands would be open you know gap hasn't said if they're going to drop him ultimately the gap needs someone to help their company because the company had been losing money and was looking for another way to sort of rebrand and bring their label back up i don't know kanye has a lot of sorting out to do his family has a lot of sorting out to do he obviously cannot be forced to get help but it sounds like if something doesn't happen soon there could be something very drastic that happens in a 2019 interview with vogue kim kardashian actually said that kanye does not take medications because it doesn't work for him it changes who he is so they try to manage everything without medication and sort of ride things out she also clapped back at the accusation that she wasn't doing enough for her husband and that she was allowing his behavior because she said that she does everything that she can to be supportive to try to calm him down and try to make things better Kanye doesn't seem to want to medicate because the medications sort of dull him and he feels less creative which i honestly can understand that there seems to be a need for either him having some more conversations with his team or you know the family all working together with education i don't really know if you're a mental health expert you can leave your comments below ultimately everyone should want him to get well everyone should want his family to be on board with him getting well and instead of talking about the sideshow of all the comments maybe the conversation needs to be about what does it look like to get help how do you get someone to get help and then how do you as a family that makes so much money off of him kind of separate yourself and be like you know what the business stuff it it's secondary to your health we need to get you healthy business is second is money more important than health i'm not saying that that's where they're coming from but when they start talking about his business ventures falling apart that does sort of go in the back of my mind is money a factor here that's not that's sort of motivating them supporting him going on president going for president because it brings publicity to them it it puts them into this level of they get all this press they're going to get a lot of exposure and it obviously builds more interest around their brands but then when you have what happened yesterday it can only fuel and sort of make the brand look bad so I never you know kim comes from kris jenner who is always marketing her family so I don't it's hard to know like where this family sits but a lot of people on twitter are worried that they're not doing enough i don't think you can specifically blame the family but obviously that something has to happen so hopefully he will get help hopefully his family or his friends can get through to him or someone can help him so that what happened yesterday does not become a recurring pattern because it seems as though what's happening is it's just getting worse and worse and worse every single year that he goes untreated all right you guys so tell me what your thoughts are do you think that kim needs to help him more do you think that it's confusing do you think that he just he it's not illness he's just being a jerk what do you think do you think that he needs help and he needs to have people around him that will say no or do you think it's just that this is what his this is kanye kanye's deborah and he'll do what he does tell me what your thoughts are in the comments below bye guys.


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