Running Man

Season 1 Episode 397

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TV Rating Notice Race Part 2

This week, the Running Man members take a break from the Family Package Project and have TV Rating Notice Race Part Two. Not only will the winner get to direct the five-second tv rating notice, but they will also be allowed to handle the poster and photo on Running Man's official website. Furthermore, the posters will be distributed all over the broadcasting station. Each of the members draws their own creative vision for the rating clip. Ji Hyo plans to dress everyone up as kaonashis, while Jae Seok is inspired by "The Greatest Showman". So Min forgets to add Seok Jin to her clip! Who will win the race and become the director for the next TV rating notice?

Season: 1
Episode: 397
Air Time:
Air Date: 2018-04-22
Air On: SBS